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Our Law Enforcement Office in Valenciennes

There are two Law Enforcement Officers in our office :

  • Maître LIOT Sylvestre
  • Maître DRUELLE Alexis

Our office provides various services in order to assist you in any kind of situation.

In particular, we have a unit specialized for eviction procedures and also a unit specialized in debt collection.

Our employees finished the juridical training adapted to the specific functions assigned to each of them and also they all have a perfect knowledge of the juridic procedures used in our profession.

Our main office is located at 11 rue Salle le Comte, Résidence des Comtes du Hainaut à BP13 Cedex.

Our secondary office is located at 50 Rue Gambetta, 59163 Condé sur l'Escaut.

We perform our duties as Law Enforcement Officers in the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of DOUAI : meaning in the regions Nord of France (59) and Pas-de-Calais (62).

We operate daily in the areas of Valenciennes, Cambrai, Avesnes-sur-Helpe et Douai.

Concerning the procedures of juridic constatation we can operate on the national level.

Our network of Law Enforcement Officers and Lawyers allows us to take care of all your requests throughout the French territory. We are also competent to deliver all your juridic documents abroad.

We intervene notably in the fields of :

  • Debt recovery and collectionjuridic constatation and inventory
  • Evictions and rental conflicts

We are always willing to deal with the unusual and specific procedures in order to offer you the most effective solutions for each of your problems.